The table lists kits which are generally available. At any given time, there may be parts shortages or other logistics issues. Any kit which will not ship within 2 days will be 100% refunded.

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AvailabilityPriceShipping via USPSComment
516F-2 KitIn Stock$75$4
516F-2 Assembled PCBIn Stock (kit) allow
+1 day for assembly
Emergency LED Kit
PIR Sensor
USB Charger
In Stock

In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
$12 basic kit

no extra charge
for options when
ordered with a

4:1 Remote RF Switch KitNov 1, 2021$229$15
6:1 Remote RF Switch Kit Dec 1, 2021$249$20
6:2 Remote RF Matrix KitJan 1, 2022$399$20
TDR (by W0SJ) In Stock $15$4
Beverage RF Switch Kit
WiFi Control PCB
In Stock

In Stock
In Stock

$9 (kit only)

$15 (kit + case)
$0 when ordered
with kit
Remote Control via WiFiComing Soon$100$20


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