Projects are usually provided as a kit. Assembly is with Through Hole parts and mechanical parts. In the case of an PCB implemented in SMD, the SMD portion will be provided FULLY ASSEMBLED.

All kits require some soldering and mechanical assembly.


516F-2 Power Supply
Service Bulletin #1
Collins KWM-2 and 32S power supply Service Bulletin #1
Over 400 kits sold!
This is a modernization kit for the 516F-2 power supply. It is a VERY complete kit with modern caps, new resistors, new power GRAY cord and bushing.
It can be assembled with solid state diodes or you can retain the existing tube rectifiers.
This kit also includes a relay which switches the AC primary to the transformer, eliminating the inrush surge which kills the On/Off switch.
Emergency LED KitThere was an old song “Where were you when the lights went out?”
With this little kit, you’ll be able to see where you are when power goes out. This is an assembled SMD PCB which charges an 18650 Li cell. When power fails, the 4 LEDs will easily illuminate a large room, stair case, etc. The user installs 4x 5mm LEDs and orients them for your specific needs. The unit charges with a USB micro phone charger (from your junk drawer).
An optional PIR Motion Sensor will light briefly when there is motion. Just plug it in!
Available as an SMD assembled PCB with LEDs, Options: case (user drills and assembles), charger, MOTION SENSOR
Time Domain Reflectometer by W0SJ
This project was published in QST in spring of 2021. This PCB implements the TDR circuit in SMD. It is a fully assembled PCB. Just add an enclosure.
4 Way Remote Antenna Switch
with Power-Over-Coax and WiFi Control
One of our newest projects. This switch has everything you want in a Remote Antenna Switch.
+ Entirely Wireless Control
+ Power Over Coax
+ WiFi Control using a small browser window on your logging PC
Weather Resistant enclosure suitable for mounting in your garage or outbuilding.
KW rated relays
SMD CPU board is fully assembled and tested. Just add a header!
Through Hole parts on the relay PCB. Easy assembly using a laser cut aluminum shelf.
6 Way Remote Antenna SwitchAll the same features of the 4 Way in a 6:1 configuration and a larger enclosure.
ETA Dec 2021
6:2 Remote Matrix Antenna SwitchThis is an advanced switch design which focused on providing superior radio-radio isolation, a MAJOR shortcoming of existing currently available matrix switches costing $100s more.
The design is entirely wireless, just like the 4:1 and 6:1 switches. In addition, the switch can be controlled from ANY PC on your LAN. Great for multi-multi stations.
Beverage SwitchThis is a 7:1 switch that can be used with local wired control or remotely with WiFi control. An additional relay can apply an arbitrary voltage to the selected antenna to operate a remote reversing relay.
It uses the same weather resistant enclosure as the 6:1 switch.
Remote Control and MonitorThis is a generic remote control and monitor. It uses WiFi control and requires +12VDC. It provides:
4x Open-Gnd outputs (ULN2003 driver)
4x Open/Gnd inputs (pulled up to +5, external circuit provides a path to Gnd)
4x 0-20VDC inputs (single ended inputs)
COMING SOON! Write for availability.
Check back for updates. Feel free to contact the team regarding kit availability.


All units using WiFi will operate in either directs (Access Point Mode – no router) or in LAN Mode (via your network). User LAN configuration is as simple as entering your WiFi LAN Name and Password. Then the remote device is available via a browser on ANY device on your network. If the network is unavailable, the remote device reverts to AP Mode.