Worried about your WiFi coverage? In your home, coverage can be spotty as there are metal air ducts, electrical wiring and other metal causing reflections. There are two easy solutions available to enhance WiFi coverage.

Range Extender

The easiest option is a WiFi Range Extender. These are available from Best Buy, Amazon and other electronics retailers. Simply, they listen to your router and repeat the signal. Optimum placement is the key to good luck. The extender should be in a location that has good access to your router and to the RF Switch. You only need to program the extender with the name of your LAN (SSID & password).

Here is a link to Amazon for WiFi Extenders. Amazon WiFi Range Extender

WiFi Access Point

Another option is an OUTDOOR WiFi Access Point (AP). This is a device which is a little more complex to install, but it provides much better performance. You run an Ethernet cable from your network (router) to the External Access Point. The AP contains its own transmitter and receiver with no coax cable losses.

Here is a link to Amazon for Outdoor WiFi Access Points. Amazon Outdoor Access Points